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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of enrolment

  1. Definitions

Some of the words in this agreement are printed in italic type in order to indicate that they have a special meaning for the purpose of this agreement.

  • Words importing natural persons shall include a reference to bodies corporate and other legal personae and vice versa;
  • Words importing the masculine shall include a reference to the feminine and other genders;
  • The singular shall include the plural and vice versa;
  • Where the day on or by which anything is to be done is not a business day, it shall be done on or by the first business day thereafter;
  • Where figures are referred to in numbers and words, if there is any conflict between the two, the words shall prevail;
  • Agreement” refers to this agreement and all of its Annexures referred to and/or incorporated into the context of this agreement;
  • Any annexure to this agreement shall be deemed to have been incorporated herein and shall form an integral part hereof;
  • ‘Debt’ means all debts incurred by the student whose particulars appear on the registration form, including but not limited to, outstanding study fees;
  • ‘Fees’ means all fees charged by the Insurance Academy of Botswana for your studies, including but not limited to, study and administration fees;
  • “iAB” means Insurance Academy of Botswana(Proprietary) Ltd, a company registered in accordance with the laws of Botswana, with registration number CO2015/18613, and accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA), with its principal place of business at Plot 145, Office 20F, Gaborone International Finance Park, Gaborone, Botswana;
  • “Commencement date” means 4th September 2015, irrespective of the date of signature of this agreement;
  • Fees” refer to the fees payable by the student to Insurance Academy of Botswana(Proprietary) Ltd, in respect of services rendered;
  • Party or Parties” refers to the student and/or Insurance Academy of Botswana(Pty) Ltd, as the case may be;
  • Services” refers to the training and other services provided to the student in respect of this agreement and the Annexures incorporated here to;
  • Formative Assessment” refers to a wide variety of methods that trainers/assessors use to conduct in-process evaluations of leaner comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a unit standard or module.
  • Summative Assessment” refers to a closed book assessment used to evaluate learner learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the conclusion of a defined instructional period—typically at the end of a course.
  • Material’ means all study material supplied by the Insurance Academy of Botswana;
  • Third party’ refers to the business or individual, whose details appear under category 3 of the registration form;
  • We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to the Insurance Academy of Botswana; and
  • You’ and ‘your’ refers to the student whose particulars appear on the registration form.


  1. Our services to you
    • iAB will prepare and provide the student with all training material covering the unit standards contained in this course; and
    • Regarding Examination Courses (other than Computer Studies), we guarantee to update material for two consecutive exam sittings from the study material issue date, provided that you are within the contract period.
    • iAB will ensure assessment of the assignments which make up the portfolio of evidence
    • iAB will render training services, in accordance with the course implementation plan
    • iAB will provide feedback on assessments to students after completion of each module
  2. Your responsibilities
    • General
      • You must pay postage on everything sent by you* to us*;
      • You must pay for the replacement of study materials supplied to you by us*;
      • Study material supplied to you may not be passed on or access given to anyone other than you;
      • If necessary, an extension can be granted, provided that we are notified promptly when you are prevented from studying through illness or reasons beyond your control.
    • Confirmation of authenticity
      • You confirm that the assignments / questions / assessments / workbooks will be completed by yourself and will reflect a demonstration of your own knowledge and that you agree with the assessments being fair and objective.
      • You are aware that you will have another opportunity to be re-assessed on particular areas where there might be a need to obtain a required standard of competence.
      • You also realise, that if you do not agree with the results, an appeal may be lodged with iAB. If you feel that iAB has not sufficiently resolved my matter, it is within your rights to lodge an appeal with the BQA.
      • You confirm that you know that plagiarism is wrong. Plagiarism is the use of another’s work and pretending that it is your own.
      • The material submitted is original in terms of development (not copied from previous work done).
      • You will not allow anyone to copy your work with the intention of passing it on as his/her own.
      • Bridging of the above mentioned will result in 0% mark and the termination of my enrolment agreement with iAB.
  1. Re-assessments
    • Fees will be levied for any re-assessments in the following manner;
      • Summative re-assessment (Closed book exam): Limited to 2 (two) summative assessments per course i.e. 1 (one re-assessment) and failing to PASS, you will have to re-register and pay for the course again.
      • Formative re-assessment: A fee will be levied for every time a formative assessment module is re-assessed.
        Limited to 2 (two) formative assessment re-assessments per course and failing to PASS you will have to re-register and pay for the course again.
    • Re-mark: You will be referred to the iAB Appeals Procedure. A re-mark will only be granted if a learner achieved between 47% and 49%.
  • Fees will be levied per summative assessment and per formative assessments. No remark fees will be refunded.
  • If you have already attempted a re-assessment on a specific paper, this would mean that you have accepted the 1st paper’s result and a re-mark will not be granted. Note that you will have 30 days to appeal a result on a formative or summative assessment from the day the result is released. Should you not appeal in this time frame you will need to re-assess on the paper.
  • Late submission and non-submission of assessments will be regarded as re-assessment opportunities granted to the student. Should the student fail to submit assessments on time twice, the student will be deemed to have utilised their re-assessment opportunities as per clause 3.3.3 and a fee will be levied for all further late or non-submissions.
  1. Payment of your fees
    • If you are over 21 and will be paying the fees yourself, then you hereby declare that you:
      1. Are legally bound to this contract;
      2. Are responsible for the repayment of the entire debt; and
      3. Accept all the terms and conditions of the agreement.
    • If you are under 21, then your parent, custodian or guardian:
      1. Must sign acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this agreement;
      2. Hereby accepts responsibility for the repayment of the entire debt; and
      3. Expressly waives the rights of excussion and division.
    • If a third party will be paying the fees for you, then:
      1. If the third party is a business, then the business hereby:
    • Warrants us that the signatory has the required legal capacity to enter into and be bound by these terms and conditions;
    • Takes full responsibility for the repayment of the entire debt and accepts all the terms and conditions of the entire agreement; and
    • Expressly waives the rights of excussion and division.
      1. If the third party is an individual, then the individual:
    • Must sign acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this agreement;
    • Hereby accepts responsibility for the repayment of the entire debt; and
    • Expressly waives the rights of excussion and division.
  • The price payable will be submitted by the method you have indicated on your registration form.
  • All payments due in terms of this agreement will be paid on or before the due date for payment.
  • We are entitled to levy an administration charge, which you agree to pay, if any debit order or other form of payment is returned unpaid or if your credit card payment is rejected for whatever reason.
  • What happens if you don’t pay us on time?
    • If you breach any of the terms of this agreement by failing to pay any instalment within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after its due date, then we shall:
      1. Charge interest on the overdue amount at the interest rate calculated from the due date of payment to the date of actual payment;
      2. Inform the respective credit bureaus of your payment default; and
      3. Send you a demand by ordinary post and email giving you 10 business days to pay the debt.
  • If 5 business days have elapsed since we delivered the demand notice to you and there has been no response to that notice, or if you have responded to the notice by rejecting our proposals, then we shall be entitled to proceed against you for the recovery of the debt without further notice.
  • You shall be responsible for the cost of all letters, telephone calls, tracing fees, other collection costs and charges, including all legal expenses, incurred as a result of any breach of this agreement.
  • Furthermore, no student will be allowed to sit for the summative assessment should they have any outstanding fees owing with iAB.
  • The finance department will send an invoice and approve the online registration as soon as payment is received.
  • Payment must be done within 1 (one) business day after registration is completed, per Learning programme.
  • Ensure to use your Omang/Passport number/ invoice number as reference when making the payment.
  • Proof of payment must be submitted to the Finance Department, after receiving the invoice, and at least 7 (seven) working days prior to commencement date, and/ or assessment date. Note that no study material and/ or results will be released before proof of payment is received.
  • If payment is overdue for more than 30 calendar days, a deferred fee will be levied for every 30 days outstanding.
  • All fees are valid and issued in accordance with the fee rate set for the calendar year within which the fee first becomes payable (the “invoice year”).
  • Any outstanding fees not settled within the invoice year will be recalculated against, in accordance with, the fee rate set for the new calendar year (the “deferred year”).
  • As it applies to any outstanding fees not settled within the invoice year, IAB reserves the right to charge an additional fee making up the difference between the fee rate set for the invoice year and the deferred year and you will be responsible for the payment of such additional fee.
  1. Cancellation and Refunds
    • iAB reserves the right to cancel any course with insufficient numbers and will give five (5) working days’ notice. A full refund will apply.
    • If iAB has to cancel due to circumstances beyond our control and is unable to give 5 days’ notice then an alternative date/course will be offered prior to any refund.
    • You have the right to request cancellation of a course after enrolment, and all requests made in the following circumstances will be considered:
      1. Where cancellation is requested within a 7-day “cooling off” period directly after enrolment.
      2. Medical reasons: If the student has an illness or disability substantiated by a certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating that he or she may not continue studying, as it would adversely affect his or her health.
      3. Death: On production of a death certificate of the student or immediate family member.
      4. Unemployment: Where the student has been retrenched or unemployed for longer than a period of two months subsequent to enrolment.
      5. Where there is an irreparable product failure, i.e. study material is outdated and cannot be replaced or rectified within a reasonable period of time.
      6. Suspended courses: Where courses have been suspended and alternatives are not acceptable to the student.
      7. All cancellation applications must be channelled through the Administrator and no verbal request for cancellation will be considered.
  • All unjustified or unacceptable cancellations will be subject to a P300 cancellation fee. Here follows a list of the terms and conditions of the Cancellation Policy as provided to the learners.
  • Enrolled students understand that they have the ability to cancel an enrolled subject or programme at any given time.
  • You will not hold iAB accountable for the decision that you will have made to opt out of their agreement with iAB.
  • iAB adheres to a seven day cooling off period. Please note that the 7 day cooling off period is only applicable where registration is done 15 days or more prior to the start date of a training programme.
  • Should you cancel your enrolment within this period:
    1. You must fill in the Cancellation Application form.
    2. You understand and accept that you will be charged for all study material issued if it is not returned in its original condition.
    3. You will be refunded the registration and enrolment fee.
  • If you cancel after the seven day cooling off period but before the course starts:
    1. You must fill in the Cancellation Application form.
    2. You will not be refunded the registration fee.
    3. You understand and accept that youwill be charged for all study material issued if it is not returned in its original condition.
    4. The learner will complete and submit a cancellation application form and scan it through to iAB at or hand it to the Administrator in person.
    5. Fees will be refunded to the student in the following manner;
          • 15 working days before the start date = 100% refund.
          • 10 working days before the start date = 50% refund.
          • 5 working days of the start date = no refund.
          • Non-attendance = no refund
  • Approved substitutes (candidates complying with the qualification access requirements) are welcome at no extra charge, as long as all required documentation reaches us 5 (five) workings days prior to when the workshop takes place.
  • If you cancel after the course has commenced:
    1. the total fees for training will be payable in a pro-rata portion, depending on the number of days facilitation received and the number of days spent on the training programme from registration, as well as the cost of any training material that you will have received, as well as paying the cancellation administrative fee.
    2. If the student has already paid for the full cost of the training programme, iAB will refund the learners study fees, based on the formula below, for the remaining part of the programme after deducting the P300 cancellation fee in the case of an unjustifiable cancellation.
    3. The cancellation review process will take approximately 5 working days to complete.
    4. iAB will not process any cancellation request unless the cancellation administration fee has been paid and a cancellation application form has been submitted.


  • If the full amount for the course has been paid, and the student drops out mid-course (after attending at least 1 (one) training session) without a valid reason, we reserve the right not to refund the remainder of the fees.


  1. Attendance, submission and completion
    • A student has 12 (twelve) weeks to complete each course. If unsuccessful, a student will need to re-register and the course fee will be levied again. No negotiations regarding extensions will be entered into.
    • If a student is not able to attend an assessment date as scheduled, he/ she must provide the administration department with the reason at least 10 (ten) working days before the scheduled assessment. If this is not done within the scheduled time period, the non-attendance polies and procedures will apply.
    • If a student does not attend an assessment for which he/ she was scheduled and such a student is absent without a valid reason or a pardon, the non-attendance polies and procedures will apply. Due to the fact that the student missed the assessment, the student can write on the re-assessment date or another scheduled assessment date pre-arranged with the Administration Department. iAB will not be able to schedule an individual assessment for one student. Note that if the re-assessment date or pre-arranged date is not attended, the non-attendance polies and procedures will apply.
    • No extensions for submission or assessment will be granted without a valid reason or pardon. If a student wishes to re-schedule his/ her assessment or submission date, they must communicate this to the iAB Administration Department within 10 (ten) working days.
    • If a student does not submit his/ her formative assessment without a valid reason on the date communicated, the student will not be permitted to write the summative assessment and the non-attendance polies and procedures will apply.
    • Requirements to be met/ A Student will be found competent if:
      1. A student obtains at least 50% in the Summative Assessment per module or unit standard; and
      2. A student obtains at least 50% in the Formative Assessments; and
      3. Therefore obtained the minimum pass rate of 50% in the summative assessment per subject, 50% in the Formative Assessments per module or unit standard.
  • Note that an assessment will only be arranged in an outlying area should 15 or more learners attend the assessment. The main assessment centres are as follows: Gaborone and Francistown. A learner is welcome to cover the cost of an invigilator, should the learner prefer to write in an outlying area.
  • iAB will not be held liable for any postal, mailing/ couriering of letters and/ or certificates and/ or material/ workbooks/ case studies. Letters will be e-mailed and certificates can be collected at iAB’s Gaborone office. A student may instruct a courier to collect his/ her certificate/ documentation at his/ her own cost. iAB will not be held liable for any damages or loss of above mentioned.
  1. Results
    • All results, assessed by our assessors, are subject to moderation, or internal audits/ verification.
    • A student’s results can therefore be overturned by a Moderator/ Quality Assurer/ Auditor/ Verifier, at any time.
    • iAB will inform a student if any result is overturned, and the student herewith accepts the decision and recommendations of the Moderator/ Quality Assurer/ Auditor/ Verifier.
  2. Other
    • Refreshments will only be provided at a workshop if the workshop is marketed as such. No refreshments will be provided where no refreshments are mentioned in the marketing material
    • Study material, assessments, as well as workshops will only be provided in English.
    • Viewing of summative assessments must be pre-arranged with the results department at least 10 (ten) working days in advance. No amendments to results will be made during the viewing session. If a student would like to refer the summative assessment for a re-mark, the clause on re-mark will apply.
    • All personal tutorial sessions with an IAB subject matter expert must be arranged via the Results Department. A specified fee will be levied per hour.
    • Viewing of written summative assessment:
      1. A student will be able to view his/ her summative assessment if the viewing session is arranged with the Results Department within a reasonable time;
      2. The Results Department will formally book a viewing session with the student;
      3. The student may not make any notes during the viewing session;
      4. The student may not make a copy of the summative assessment.
  1. Plagiarism
    • iAB emphasises integrity and ethical behaviour with regard to the preparation of all formative- and summative assessments submitted for academic evaluation. Students who are found guilty of plagiarism by an assessor and supported by a moderator will forfeit all credits for the assessment(s) concerned.
    • In addition, the matter will be referred to:
      1. The student’s employer (direct manager) and the Human Resources representative of the student’s employer, for disciplinary action to be taken;
      2. The BQA/ NBFIRA, where applicable.
    • When a student is found guilty of copying and/ or plagiarism, the moderation and all other costs will be for the student’s account and the credits /qualification will not be awarded to the student.
    • Plagiarism is considered a serious violation of iAB’s regulations and may lead to your suspension from the Insurance Academy of Botswana, without any refund.


  • A student will be found guilty of plagiarism when he/ she extracts information from a book, article, web page or any other information source without acknowledging the source, and/ or pretends that it is his/ her own work. This does not only apply to cases where you quote verbatim, but also when you present someone else’s work in a somewhat amended (paraphrased) format, or when you use someone else’s arguments or ideas without the necessary acknowledgement. You are also guilty of plagiarism if you copy and paste information directly from an electronic source (e.g. website, e-mail message, electronic journal article, or CD ROM), without paraphrasing it or placing it in quotation marks, even if you acknowledge the source. You are not allowed to submit another student’s previous work as your own. You are furthermore not allowed to let anyone copy or use your work with the intention of presenting it as his/ her own.
  • Your personal information
    • You warrant that the information disclosed in this agreement is true and correct in every respect and it shall be a material breach of this agreement if such information or part thereof is found to be fraudulent, untrue or incorrect. (Please note that this applies to both the student and the person responsible for payment.)
    • You undertake to notify us in writing of any material changes to your contact details, including but not limited to your business, postal or residential addresses, home, work or cellphone numbers, and email addresses, within 7 (seven) days of such change. (Please note that this applies to both the student and the person responsible for payment.)
    • You consent to us obtaining information from you to evaluate your ability to afford our payment plans in instances where you have opted to pay in installments.(Please note that this applies to both the person responsible for payment.)
    • You consent to us obtaining, using and disclosing your personal information, when necessary, as follows:
      • to provide the materials to you and otherwise perform our obligations and enforce our rights under this Agreement;
      • to use your information to inform you of our other courses, products or services which may be of interest to you;
      • to share your information with companies in our group, (associated companies and third parties) to enable them to inform you of other products or services which may be of interest to you;
      • to share with potential employers seeking people with skills that meet your skill set; and
      • to give to attorneys and debt collection agencies, if you are in breach of this agreement.*


  • Your rights to settle debts
    • You are entitled to settle your debts any time, with or without advance notice to us.
    • The amount required to settle a debt is the total of the unpaid balance of the principle debt at that time and the unpaid interest charges and all other fees and charges payable by you to us up to the settlement date.
    • At your request, we must deliver you a statement of the amount required to settle your debt, as of a date specified in the request.
  • Limitation of our liability

We will not be liable in any way whatsoever, for damages, liability or losses (whether direct, indirect or consequential) suffered by you, or the third party, or your parent/guardian or custodian, resulting from the use of the material, or arising from this agreement, unless such damages, liability or losses are direct results of our gross negligence.

  • General
    • The Post Office acts as your agent for the acceptance and conveyance of all study material or correspondence addressed to you or to us. (Please note that this applies to both the student and the person responsible for payment.)
    • iAB will despatch your study material within 14 days from the date of final acceptance of this contract by us.
    • Certificates will only be issued once your account has been settled in full and all applicable exams and tests have been completed.
    • We do not accept responsibility for your eligibility or entry for public examinations.
    • You and the third party choose the address as disclosed in this agreement as your and the third party’s domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes arising from this agreement.
    • No relaxation or indulgence which we may extend to you shall affect our rights under this agreement. (Please note that this applies to both the student and the person responsible for payment.)
    • All liabilities or obligations arising under this agreement shall be enforceable against you after termination of this agreement.*
    • This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between you and us and no variation, deletion, or addition will be valid, unless it is in writing and signed or published by us, as is appropriate. (Please note that this applies to both the student and the person responsible for payment.)
    • You consent to the jurisdiction of any Magistrate’s Court having jurisdiction, regarding any legal action issued by us against you arising from this agreement, and you also consent to us issuing proceedings out of the High Court, if we choose to do so. (Please note that this applies to both the student and the person responsible for payment.)
    • You reserve the right to cancel agreement within 7 (seven) days from date of registration, where after this agreement shall not be cancelled without the consent of both you and us.
    • This agreement is subject to acceptance by us, which acceptance will be communicated in writing to you.

For more information and to view the iAB policies refer to .

* Please note that ‘you’ and ‘your’ in these clauses or sentences refer to the person responsible for payment, being the student (if over the age of 21 years), or his/her parent, guardian or custodian (if the student is under 21 years), or the third party whose particulars appear under category 5 of the registration form.


By accepting these Terms & Conditions I hereby commit myself to the:

  • Ground rules
  • IAB Assessment policy
  • IAB Certification Policy
  • Learner Enrolment and Guidance Policies and Procedures (which include our admission, cancellation, non-attendance, disciplinary and support policies and procedures)
  • Appeals and Disputes Policy and Procedure
  • Learner Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure
  • Proposed assessment date/s

DISCLAIMER: iAB will endeavour to prepare the student for the assessments to be completed and submitted. IAB can therefore not be held responsible if the student fails any assessment. In addition, if a student’s studies carry over to a new Academic Year, they are automatically bound by the Terms and Conditions applicable to the new Academic Year.










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