Insurance Academy of Botswana


Our Accreditation

iAB has been granted accreditation by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA).

Our accreditation:

  • Points to the quality of our training materials and assessment policies and practices;
  • Gives our clients added assurance that the training that we deliver to their staff meets the high standards set by the BQA;
  • Ensures that all activities and business operations entered into by IAB do not infringe on BQA requirements of accredited training providers; and
  • Ensures that our trainers, assessors and moderators are appropriately qualified, are skilled in teaching, have knowledge and experience of the subject area, are familiar with the curriculum, and keep themselves up-to-date in line with changes to the curriculum

We aim to ensure that all our training programmes are accredited by BQA. This will give our employer clients access to refunds for all their training conducted with us by applying for training grants from Vocational Training Fund (VTF). The training grant is a reimbursement of training costs already incurred by the employer in training its citizen employees.

Each employer, depending on size, pays a training levy which in essence is a contribution towards the VTF, The training is a tax based on an employer’s turnover which is collected and put into the Vocational Training Fund.  The purpose of the Fund is to reimburse the employer the costs of training its citizen employees.

Application for grants must be submitted on a prescribed form obtainable from the BQA. The application should be accompanied by certified documents showing full evidence of the training expenditure incurred per staff member.

What kind of training can grants be claimed on?

Reimbursement from the Fund will only be approved for vocational training courses that are accredited by BQA or approved in advance if they were carried out outside Botswana. Training in the workplace will also qualify for reimbursement if the training programme is accredited with BQA or/and the trainee is registered as a learner with BQA.