Insurance Academy of Botswana


Introduction to Wealth Management


This course prepares learners for a variety of positions in the financial services industry.  It is a holistic course which combines various aspects of wealth creation and wealth management.

It is an introductory course in the management and creation of wealth that builds the introductory knowledge, skills attitudes and values required for learners to operate ethically and responsibly as Intermediaries and Administrators, and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment and the changing nature of the highly regulated Financial Services Industry.

The course provides a holistic introduction to Wealth Management and Wealth Creation.  It should develop individuals who have a basic understanding of economics, asset management, investment principles, financial markets, risk (personal and financial) and the need to provide for financially for retirement.

Who is the course intended for?

This course is intended for those who wish to pursue a career or are in a financial services environment that requires an understanding of wealth management, economics, asset management, investmentnprinciples, financial markets and the various investment vehicles used by investors seeking to build their wealth.

Topic Covered in the course:

  • Ethical conduct in a business environment
  • Botswana money laundering legislation and the implications for accountable institutions in transacting with clients
  • Basic Economics
  • The structure of the Financial Services Industry in Botswana
  • Explain basic investment principles
  • Collective investment schemes
  • Equity Markets and equity market instruments
  • Equity Markets and equity market instruments
  • Capital Markets and Capital Market Instruments
  • Capital Markets and Capital Market Instruments
  • The range of options available for wealth management

Course fees

Distance learning P1 950
Online learning P2 150
Contact learning P3 990

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