Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The Insurance Academy of Botswana is pioneering a new model of a training institution within Botswana based on the model of economic sector specific training and skills development.

The academy aims to create the academic, research and character excellence conditions that nurture graduates who grow and achieve beyond themselves as Botswana’s leaders within the Financial Services Industry. Our vision is to plant seeds in the students that we come across, seeds which will grow and mature to address the issues critical to Botswana fulfilling its economic destiny.

Our Mission

IAB’s mission is to be the leading provider of relevant and excellent technical financial services training within the Botswana financial services market.

Our strength rests on four pillars of excellence:

1. Academic & Professional Excellence

Whilst there may be many BQA accredited training institutions within Botswana, very few are economic sector specific with regards to the training that they offer and an even smaller number operate within the financial services environment.

As an institution that focuses primarily on training and skills development within the financial services industry, we have a deep understanding on the industry and understand the competencies that are required by employers, and regulators alike, in building a competent and professional industry that attracts the best talent.

IAB has therefore used this focus and understanding to develop strong disciplinary faculty groups (short term insurance, long term insurance, healthcare etc.) in conjunction with industry stakeholders that ensure the employability of graduates and sets them on course to become true professionals within the financial services sector.

2. Training Excellence

Innovations in the areas of transformative learning and personal development are integrated into the curricula of many of our programmes and courses. These learning processes are globally recognised as being at the vanguard of skills development.

3. Thought Leadership

The Insurance Academy of Botswana aims to provide thought leadership, not only in Botswana, but also on the wider African continent through its research, analytics and market analysis and by fostering a robust culture of debate through regular speaker programmes and conferences.

4. Societal Relevance

The Insurance Academy of Botswana cannot exist outside its economic and social environment and has to own its societal responsibility. The IAB is committed to transformation and equality in all its aspects and supports BQA’s strategic goal to address key skills development challenges facing Botswana.

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