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We understand that a good training institution recognises shifting dynamics within the industry and accommodates them in its curriculum. With a focus on enhancing competence and capacity in a dynamic and highly regulated market, the category specific introductory courses and technical insurance courses offered by the Insurance Academy of Botswana (iAB) are a distinctive element of our product offering.

iAB offers the widest range of category specific courses and technical insurance training to pursue. The categories covered include Long Term Insurance, Short Term Insurance, Wealth Management, Long Term Risk Assessment and Healthcare Benefits Administration.

Benchmarked against some of the best financial services related courses, our courses afford participants with the opportunity to engage in exceptional learning processes.
Our courses focus on providing participants with detailed insight into their chosen financial services category. They also provide participants with technical skills ranging from claims handling to product specific underwriting with an emphasis on practical case studies for participants to work through.

Our courses offer the most relevant category specific curriculum that has been designed in close consultation with various stakeholders in the financial services industry.
Training with us has many advantages; our students report increased levels of confidence to operate across all areas of their businesses, enhanced critical thinking and decision-making skills, higher levels of self-insight and productivity, improved interpersonal skills and understanding of various category specific products.
Through a potent mix of instructor led facilitation sessions, case studies, research projects, presentations and simulations, iAB gives our programme participants a competitive edge in the short term application of relevant knowledge which has long term value for their financial services careers.

The training methodology that we employ ensures that the personnel that we produce are highly competent and proficient in their selected fields. It incorporates the need for individual attention where required, to ensure that there is true comprehension from our programme participants.

We employ a unique, training methodology that is more than capable of accommodating the learning requirements of learners from a diverse range of educational backgrounds, as well as providing enough rigour in the training process, to truly empower all our graduates with actual professional skills.

We offer high-quality facilitation services, innovative implementation plans and effective learning opportunities across a wide range of insurance disciplines.

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