Customised Learning Solutions

IAB offers the following training programme formats:

  1. One-day-a week facilitation sessions which run for 6 weeks for each 30 credit study school. All interaction will be classroom based.
  2. Modular block training – Five continuous days of facilitation sessions
  3. E-learning – The components of the training program will be available online. IAB will provide all the content needed by a learner to complete their assignments and assessment exercises. This structured online-only version of the program can be delivered as a stand-alone program. No classroom training will be available. Learner support and interaction will be via tutors online and in the form of webinars, discussions or chat groups
  4. Distance learning – This mode of delivery is often utilised by individual learners, who due to distance and/or a lack of access to the internet, cannot be physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom or online
  5. Blended learning – Classroom training will be arranged. Tutors will also be available online for training support. Learning material will be made available on the E- Learning System. This material must be brought to classroom training sessions. During training the learning material will be discussed and candidates will start with the completion of the Portfolio of Evidence (POE). This must be uploaded on our E- Learning System. The summative assessments will be done in one of our examination centres nationally (paper based).

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