Formative and summative assessments will assess all specific outcomes and adhere to all assessment criteria of each training programme. A final summative assessment will be conducted to determine whether the exit level outcomes have been achieved.

A formative assessment needs to be completed for each unit standard. It is compulsory to submit all fully completed formative assessments as a prerequisite to allow entry to the summative exam. Feedback will be given to the learner. Should the learner found to be Not Yet Competent (NYC) in their first attempt, the learner has one opportunity to re-submit the corrected formative prior to the summative exam session.

A summative close-book assessment is written upon completion of each skills programme. The summative assessment focuses on the core of the learning outcomes.

IAB will offer re-assessments and an additional remedial assessment if a candidate is not yet competent in one of the skills programmes or summative assessments. A re-registration of the programme will be required after the third attempt (the remedial assessment) is unsuccessful.


Upon successful completion of a full qualification, i.e. competence achieved in the formative and summative assessments contained in the skills programme, and provided the learner’s Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is found competent, the learner will receive an IAB Results Letter outlining the unit standards covered.

IAB will apply to BQA for verification of the learner’s achievements and for the recording of those achievements on the National Learner Database.

A student resigning without completing the skills programme is given a certificate of resignation, which lists the completed studies and their grades. On request, learners may also be granted a certificate of completed studies while still continuing the programme. This specific certificate will be issued by the Insurance Academy of Botswana.

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